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One of Dr. Ken’s goals is to help you save money! Check this page frequently to learn about valuable discounts on various products and services available to Good Day Health listeners that can save you money and help you live a healthier life!


CORvalen is the only product that can rebuild energy in the heart and muscles of patients suffering from heart disease, helping them feel better sooner. Most patients feel the difference in just a few days. Solid clinical studies and published research show that CORvalen can help you quickly, easily, and safely restore the energy stolen by heart disease. With CORvalen, you can have more energy with less fatigue, do more of what you want to do, and lead a more active life. CORvalen helps heart patients feel better.

To order a one month supply of CORVALEN call 866-COR-VALEN (866-267-8253). Mention that you heard about CORvalen on Good Day Health and receive $15 off per jar on your first order.


Microlife is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of medical diagnostic equipment for institutional and home use. Blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, and peak flow meters are Microlife's core business. Microlife’s goal is to create products for the benefit of the individual. We want to be there for people throughout their lives.

Exclusive offer for Good Day Health listeners! Click here to download a special $15 coupon for Microlife Blood Pressure Monitors available at local retail stores. Download the coupon for further details on how you can save $15!


Now, chocolate lovers have a reason to celebrate! Recent research shows that chocolate –in particular cocoa- is more than good tasting…it’s actually very good for you! CocoPure chocolate tea is made with all-natural, healthy ingredients, including pure cocoa, green tea and resveratrol. CocoPure gives you the delicious taste of rich delicious chocolate, but without the fat or sugar. Due to the antioxidants in chocolate, cocoa consumption has been linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Green tea has been linked to healthy digestive benefits, a healthy heart and blood flow, and longevity. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant from the skin of grapes and it’s believed to be what makes moderate red wine consumption healthy for the heart. CocoPure will boost your energy, build up your immune system and give you high counts of antioxidants which help your overall health.

For your RISK FREE bottle of CocoPure chocolate tea, call 1-800-607-7078. Plus, when you call, ask how you can receive a free bottle of CocoPure with your paid order. Call today and tell them you heard about CocoPure on Good Day Health!